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How to Navigate the Academy

New to the DSA Social Selling Academy? Here's how to find your way around!

We hope that you become a regular visitor to the Academy, but if it is your first time or you are unsure where to find something, here is a breakdown of what is available to you.

Home Page
  • Welcome message from DSA Director General

  • Quick links to the main sections of the website

  • Quick links to the latest news and updates

  • Overview of the DSA UK and link to DSA website

  • Meet the DSA Academy team

News & Updates
  • This is where we will keep you updated with regular news and updates

  • Be sure to check this section regularly to stay updated

Training Courses
  • This is where you can join our exclusive free training courses

  • All training courses are available online and you can complete them at your own pace

  • Simply click "Join" for any course you want to take and register (for free!) as a DSA Academy member and you'll be able to start learning instantly!

  • Join our exclusive live events

  • Simply register (for free!) as a DSA Academy member and you can get a free ticket to our online events

Mobile App
  • Instructions on how to download our mobile app so you can have all the DSA Academy resources in the palm of your hand!

  • How to contact us

  • Share your feedback on the DSA Academy using the feedback form

Log in
  • If you are an existing member of the DSA Academy you can view / amend your profile and see any training courses and events you have registered for

  • If you haven't yet registered as a DSA Academy member, you can do so from here. All you need to do is provide your name and e-mail address and it is totally free


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